Best Day is an events agency specializing in Team Building activities, incentives and motivation where professional with more than 10 years of experience develop the best activities for companies and its employees. We have amazing and innovative dynamics for your Company adapted to its needs, and we have worked with over 400 companies, have helped more than 1000 teams to communicate, have fun and grow together..

We firmly believe in our product, if you are not completely satisfied with our business incentive or team building, we will refund your money (*).

Our team has developed their professional career in the world of social events organising social, cultural, sports, corporate, academic, institutional and, of course, Team Building, incentives and motivational activities. Thanks to our resources and equipment, we can control and coordinate all of the necessary stages to organize activities: Briefing, production, execution, security, communication, post-event performances and so on.

Because we firmly believe in what we do, we would like you to get to know us, we invite you to get in touch with us and tell us what you need.

Our greatest assets are the experience and complete customer focus!

Our achievements

Proven Method

We have a different and fun work method, tested in more than 400 companies. Our fundamentals are the 4C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Coordination and Confidence.

Design Stories

We have created themes and recreations in the main cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Paris and so on. We rely on local legends and historical characters.

Leaders in creativity

We have designed dynamics and activities that have brought a revolution in the market. We have focused on the innovation and creativity and we have won.

Dream travel incentives

We have travelled by land, sea and air. Crossed continents and worked in places such as Peloponeso, Tunez, Mongolia and China.

Innovators and pioneers

We have introduced exclusive pioneering concepts in Team Building, such as Google Glass or interactive drone games, in order to create something unique and unrepeatable.

With the best companies

For over 10 years, national and international companies, in all types of sectors have had confidence in us. To all of them: Thank you for making us GREAT!!

clientes team building

(*) Only applies for Team Building activities, not venues, catering, and so on. And only if the final quality questionnaire has a bad or very bad rating, and is duly justified with photos and testimonials.